PHPAlgorithms is there

Frankfurt, May 2018 – Today, the first BETA version of PHPAlgorithms is launched! The repository is available via GitHub and Packagist. Originally launched as a research project, PHPAlgorithms provides currently a basic set of data structures.

The repository has been designed to provide simple usage of common data structures such as lists, maps and trees. The library makes it easy for developers to focus on their own code while using simple and effective data structures. The library is the result of learning algorithms and data structures with the “Cracking the Coding Interview” by Gayle Laakmann McDowell.

Future Work

Data structures are the basis of good and efficient code. But it is not enough to know and use effective data structures. Source code is getting most effective when using algorithms such as sorting and/or searching.

The next development step for this library is the implementation of algorithms. As with data structures, algorithms will also be based on Gayle’s book. Stay tuned!


Are you a software developer and interested in maintaining PHPAlgorithms? Get in touch or create a pull request!