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Dogan Ucar, PHP Software Engineer, Freelancer, Content Creator
Expert PHP Support by Senior Software Engineer Doğan Uçar
Expert PHP Support by Senior Software Engineer Doğan Uçar

I am currently working as a Freelancer/Self-Employed Senior Software Engineer at my own company Ucar Solutions. I successfully completed Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science  and Master’s degree in Intelligent Systems at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. During the Bachelor’s and Master’s programme, I worked at Atos Worldline GmbH, a leading company active in payment and transaction services. I worked mostly on internal web based full-stack projects with PHP, MySQL and JavaScript and some smaller Oracle SQL based projects. I completed the Master’s degree with a thesis and a open source software product at Nextcloud GmbH, the company behind the open source software of the same name “Nextcloud”. From 2019 to 2021, I was employed as Senior Software PHP Backend Developer at Check24, Germany’s leading platform for comparing almost everything (including insurance products). I am a computer science enthusiast and love to learn new languages, disciplines and areas relating to CS. I worked on several private projects and created some open source libraries and plugins. Recently, we have successfully launched didapptic.comSwiftLog and a german Newsletter Unread News. In my spare time, I love to read books, play a traditional anatolian stringed instrument and take pictures with my SLR camera.

For the turkish public, I write my opinions about IT, engineering and technical relevant topics on my turkish blog.


Programming Languages / VCE: PHP, Java, JavaScript (jQuery, Angular, Ionic), Python, SQL (Oracle, MySQL), Git, SVN

IDE: IntelliJ , PHPStorm,  AndroidStudio, Eclipse

Operating Systems: Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS), MacOS, Windows

Miscellaneous: Algorithms, Data Structures, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing

Media Presence

JetBrains Official “PHP Annotated – October 2019” blog: PHPAlgorithms is featured in category “Misc”.

ExpertenTesten Interview about “WP Last Modified”: Introduction of WP Last Modified WordPress Plugin (in German).

WPWeekly Episode 227: WP Last Modified is featured in the podcast.

Open Source

I love to contribute to the community so that others can benefit from what I have learned. I believe that theory can be understood much better through practice, which is why I start to implement simple projects and let them grow, as I did with PHPAlgorithms and do with Simple-RBAC. I am in love with scripting languages, such as PHP and/or Python and use them on daily base.