“WP Last Modified” Official Documentation


The shortcode last_modified_date has to be placed at any position witihin a post or page. The shortcode accepts optionally a attribute ‘format’, which formats all dates handled by this shortcode. The format attribute accepts PHP’s date formats. For more information please check the official documentation.

Defining a Text

Before using the shortcode, you have to define a text in Settings -> WP Last Modified Settings tab. You can replace the default text with a custom text and one or more placeholders. This text is always displayed when its shortcode is called in any post or page. If you do not define a text, a default text which does not contain any timestamps will be displayed.

Excluding Posts and/or Pages

Some users requested the possibility to exclude single posts/pages from displaying the last modification times tamps. Therefore, with version 1.4.0, WP Last Modified provides this option. The settings page provides now an edit text, where you can enter post/page ids (comma separated). The plugin checks first if there is an post or page with this id.

If the id is successfully excluded, it will appear in the edit text again. If not it is removed.

Possible Placeholders

  • *timestamp*, last modification timestamp
  • *last_modified_timestamp*, last modification timestamp
  • *last_modified_timestamp_gmt*, last modification timestamp in GMT time
  • *publication_timestamp*, publication timestamp
  • *publication_timestamp_gmt*, publication timestamp in GMT
  • *revision_count*, number of revisions

Please notice: the *timestamp* is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

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