PHPAlgorithms 1.0.0 Migration Guide

Namespace Changes

Some namespaces where in plural which is indeed a design error since the very first day. Some plural names are still there as they are reserverd keywords by PHP (such as list). However, the following namespaces have been changed:

  • doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\Datastructure\Lists\{ArrayLists => ArrayList}\ArrayList
  • doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\Datastructure\Lists\{ArrayLists => ArrayList}\StringBuilder
  • doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\Datastructure\Lists\{LinkedLists => LinkedList}\DoublyLinkedList
  • doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\Datastructure\Lists\{LinkedLists => LinkedList}\SinglyLinkedList
  • doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\Datastructure\{Maps => Map}\HashMap
  • doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\Datastructure\{Maps => Map}\IntegerVector
  • doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\Datastructure\{Maps => Map}\Map
  • doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\Datastructure\{Sets => Set}\HashSet
  • doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\{Maps => Map}\HashMapTest
  • doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\{Maps => Map}\NodeTest
  • doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\{Sets => Set}\HashSetTest

Following namespace left in plural names:

  • doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\Datastructure\Lists
  • doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\Common\Abstracts
  • doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\Common\Interfaces

These namespaces cannot be renamed to singular form, because listabstract and interfaceare reserved words in PHP

Removed deprecated code

The following classes are removed and replaced by:

  • doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\Datastructure\Maps\HashMap -> doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\Datastructure\Table\HashTable
  • doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\Common\Interfaces\Comparable -> doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\Common\Interfaces\IComparable
  • doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\Datastructure\Maps\IntegerVector -> doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\Datastructure\Vector\IntegerVector

Make sure to replace all deprecated classes when updating.

Hash Indices for HashTable

doganoo\PHPAlgorithms\Datastructure\Table\HashTable has used object serialization for creating unique object hashes in order to use them as the key for the HashTable. Version 1.0.0 changes this to PHP’s core method spl_object_hash(). Make sure you do not have hardcoded hash keys and change them when updating.

Strict Types Declaration

All classes (including tests) have now a strict types declaration set to 1. Make sure that you do not use any runtime casts (such as “1” instead of 1 or 0 where false is expected).

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