On a personal note – I will change the format of this blog a bit

Back in 2015, I started this blog for having a platform to share my thoughts about my profession and random things. Later, starting from 2018, I got in touch with algorithms, data structures and every thing around that what I call „deeper computer science“. During that time, I had job interviews with Facebook, Google and Amazon for different roles and unfortunately, I never got a job offer but learned a lot. I published my learning process constantly as separate blog posts and created an awesome PHP library for algorithms and data structures with more than 900 stars on GitHub at the time of writing this post. Check out PHPAlgorithms, if you did not already.

the constant in life is change

There is no other constant in life than change

Getting a job offer at Big Tech was and still is a dream for me. But things change over time and so do I. In the meanwhile, I quit my job at „Germany‘s Big Tech“ Check24 and found my own company. Quitting the job was not a easy decision as I really liked the product and team but on the other hand, the weeks and months before were quite stressful and emotionally exhausting. Check24 gave me the opportunity to extend my knowledge and share it on my blog. For instance, I accompanied a large MySQL migration project (see here) or framework upgrade from plain PHP to Laminas (see here) and learned a lot about systems on scale.

Running my own business for both, being a software development services supplier and SaaS vendor with Keestash, I had no ways around digging deeper into content creation and social media. 

While I do not want to loose myself into marketing and sales strategies only, I still continue constantly learning new things in computer science and programming. Well, how should I not in this rapidly changing environment, no?

If you follow my blog, you noticed that I am running my own SaaS Keestash. Keestash is an open source password manager designed for both, self hosting and SaaS through me and my company. If you are interested in enterprise ready password management, just drop me an email and I will

Everything keeps the same but is totally different

This is where the format change comes in. I want to broaden the content I scope since I realized that I do not work with „deeper computer science“ in my daily work that often (what a wonder, no?). Instead, I learned a lot about DevOps, k8s, Docker, Clean Code, SOLID principles, Laravel, PHP 8.x, etc. Especially in code reviews, I realize that I learn a lot of new things – no matter whether I dig deeper into something (e.g. dependency injection) or learn from others (e.g. Laravel). 

This is why I decided to cover these topics as well. This means, that I will create more frequently and address topics around „not so deep“ computer science. Enjoy more content from Dogan’s perspective 🙂

Barcelona La Rambla

Apart of that, I am very happy to start a Workation on March 1. For around 90 days, I will stay in Barcelona and work from there and get insights of being more than just a tourist. I decided to report about my journey which will be a series on my blog. Stay tuned 🙂

Last but not least: I will activate ads on this website. While I refused for a long time to do this, I am now in a totally different situation where I need to plan my time efficiently. Monetizing the content will help me to block more time for this. I can promise one thing: I will not place intrusive and restrict morally questionable ads. But for being sure this blog will stay active, I will place non overbearing and clearly identified ads. And of course, you can support me or sponsor my content if you want. Please use the PayPal link here or just get in touch.

Pictures: Nataliya Vaitkevich/@Pexels, Adrian Dorobantu/@Pexels